Coding Career Handbook: A review

July 12, 20201 min read

I recently stumbled upon the Coding Career Handbook after watching a talk by Shawn Wang (@swyx), the author. I never knew how helpful it would be. It is full of amazing resources. There's helpful, applicable advice with supporting links to articles for further writing on specific topics. This is my short review of the book as I've felt compelled to share my love for the material.

"Handbook" is a perfect name

Since I started my coding career, I've felt overwhelmed by the amount of things I could and/or should learn. Instead of hopping around aimlessly with no direction, I now have a handbook that can guide me in each stage of my journey.


I really like this book because it is non-linear. I feel I can jump around to different chapters depending on what I want to focus on. In fact, the author encourages this by linking to different chapters within the book.

A curation of resources

I love how the author does not claim to be an expert in any subject. Instead, he links off to articles, books, and other resources for you to continue your learning outside of the handbook. For example, I probably never would have found out about this great book on CS if not for the handbook. You are not bound to the book itself. You can fork off and deep dive on a subject and then come back to this trusty handbook for continued learning.


It is inspiring to see the work @swyx put in to create this resource. It encompasses just about every topic of coding career management you could think of. It is comforting to read the words of someone who has been through it and is passionate about helping others learn from his experience. Thank you @swyx 🙏.

Hopefully this review encourages you to go check out the Coding Career Handbook. You will not be disappointed.