Dillon Morris

I get to work on a team that makes digital products that help people. I am grateful for that privelege and strive to make the most of it.

When I'm not coding & creating for the web I enjoy playing and writing music and staying physically active.



Software Engineer


Phoenix, AZ

At Formidable I work closely with clients and co-workers to build true and solid products. Here, I get to utilize my experience working on diverse teams to deliver usable interfaces.


Front End Developer

Synapse Studios

Tempe, AZ

At Synapse Studios, I got to work on products that millions of people use. I primarily worked on a front-end development team building a workout app in React Native.


UI/UX Designer & Developer

Elm Street Technology


Here, I worked on a productivity app for real estate professionals. I designed and developed key features alongside a team of several back-end and front-end developers.

Mottos I live by

These are the ideals I strive uphold to on a daily basis.

Always be learning

In this line of work there is something new to learn every single day. That to me is a privelege, I do not take it for granted.

Be humble

Everyone has value, everyone has unique gifts. Be open to the insights of those that approach problems differently than you do.

Question your assumptions

Never assume "you know it all." You are never too good to go back to the drawing board, to see things in a new light.

Keep work and life balanced

I've vowed to remember what's most important in my life. Staying balanced helps me be more consistently productive.